The Bhaat Pooja

For complete end of mangal dosha you can do bhat pujan, ganesh gauri pujan, mangal kalash pujan and panchamrut pujan, dahi bhat pujan and nava grah pujan in the Mangalnath shrine.

Nav Grah and Bhat pujan
You can do ganesh gauri pujan, mangalkalalsha, punyahavachan, shodash matrika, saptagrut matrika, nandi shradha, pitru pujan, brahmin pujan, mangal grah pujan, bhatpujan, navgraha shanti, rudrapujan, havan aarti etc. for nav graha and bhat pujan.

Mars(mangal) is not the only planet in Vedic Astrology that is supposed to affect the relationship and these effects should be seen in a broader perspective of overall astrological compatibility. When Mangal is in 1st ,4th ,7th,8th and 12th house of the Janmkundli these Janmkundli are called Mangalik Janmkundli and who posses these Janmkundli called Mangalik.

Mangal being the main Graha for Aggression ,courage and confidence and have strong impact on the matters related to monetary, property, marital life ,accident’s, surgery, relationship ,debts, child and heart related problems.

To satisfied the Dosh-Karak effects of Mangal and to enrich the Yog-Karak effects of Mangal this “Sarvmangal-Mangalkari –Pendent” is specially prepared and made “Siddha” with
“Mahamangal-Strota”,”Rudra-Paath” and “Mangal-Shanti” Pujan performed nearby the origin place of Mangal at MANGALNATH-UJJAIN.

Sarvmangal-Mangalkari-Pendent is to be worn in red thread or gold chain on Tuesday in the morning time with 108 Jap of “Om Bhom Bhomay Namah:”