Importance of Shree Mangalnath Mandir

Most of Hindus worship in the mangalnath mandir for mangal shanti, because this is the birth place of Mars.according to Hindudharma  here is a ancient Shiva ling that mean symbloic presence of Lord shiva is in this place. This is the only one mandir in the world where Bhat puja has orgnise. Bhath puja ends all problems of a man.

Mangalnath Temple (mandir) which looks upon a vast expanses of your Shipra River, offers an indescribable sense of peace to the tourists. It's situated at of the fact that place the place that the most primitive meridian is claimed to pass that the earth.

Mangalnath This temple (mandir) is located away out of the bustle of your township and may be reached through a winding road. Of the very fact that temple appears upon an enormous expanse of a Shipra waters and fills of the actual fact that onlooker with an indescribable sense of peace.Mangalnath is regarded seeing as that the beginning place of Mars, according to the Matsya Purana. In historical occasions, it had been well-known for a clear view of a planet and so appropriate for astronomical studies. Mahadev or Shiva is the goddess and the is worshipped in the temple of Mangalnath